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February 10, 2021

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How-to: Youtube (Live!) CSS / JavaScript video background

Following the huge success of our other post about how to apply a CSS Video Background, here’s the follow-up post with the updated code to do the equivalent effect, but this time with a Live Video from YouTube android app.

Don’t forget the tips we gave on the other post regarding video backgrounds that are still available for this one.

DEMO: Codepen.

Before starting, please take in consideration:

  • Use a video background is it’s really going to improve your site’s look and feel in a positive way. It’s very easy to get lost in fancy stuff and make your site slower and harder to navigate;
  • Don’t use sound. Really. Just don’t. It’s makes your video heavier and adds no value. The example code adds “mute” by default, but you also have the option to enable/disable sound by clicking the icon.

The HTML Code

Nothing fancy here, but a few notes:

  • We include jQuery(We recommend this android app for learning jquery);just for the sound manipulation, if you don’t use it, you can remove it;
  • YouTube API is included here but called in the JavaScript file;
  • The code uses CSS Bootstrap 3 that is not included in the header because the code is copied from Codepen. Scroll down to check the direct link.


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