Is WordPress the Best Website Solution?

March 13, 2019

When people are looking to set up their very first website, it can be confusing because there are so many variations of websites, web hosts and hosting types available. Some people stick with what they know if they have worked with a website before. Others ask people for recommendations or do some research on the top web hosting companies. You can read reviews from various sources that will give you masses of information or even watch demos of different sites to see which one suits your needs.

There is a frequent debate about which website offers the best service but what might be ideal for one person may not be the right fit for another. For example, an experienced website developer who sets up websites for clients will want something very different than someone setting up a one page website for a hobby.

According to WordPress accounts for almost 60% of the market share for content management systems. Joomla is the next most popular and commands just under 7%, with Drupal 3rd and taking just under 5%. So as you can see, there is a huge preference for people to use WordPress.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that WordPress is the right solution for your requirements though. WordPress has been around for a long time and is first class in terms of support available. There are so many different ways of getting WordPress support, either from online tutorials provided by WordPress themselves or even YouTube videos from marketing experts. You can pretty much choose any channel to learn how to do WordPress tasks.

As well as having great online support information, most web hosts tend to provide expertise on all things WordPress. So if you have any technical issues with setting up a WordPress website, your host’s support team will be able to guide you. This is only applicable if you have selected a host that includes support in your package. Free web hosting packages do not tend to offer this.

Another reason that people love to use WordPress is because there are so many themes and plugins available to use. Developers are constantly launching new themes that cover a range of business needs. So if for example, you are setting up a website for a hair and beauty salon, you will be able to find a theme that is already set up with the pages and content that you will need. You can also customize the website to include your logo and colour scheme related to your business to ensure your online branding matches your offline branding. Some themes are completely free or you can pay extra to get other themes if they are closer to what you need.

Plugins are another reason that many people choose WordPress. Again, developers launch new plugins all of the time to help you to set up different features for your website. From plugins that help you to improve the SEO of your website, to contact forms, you will find a wide range of plugins in the directory. Even if you have never installed a plugin before, you should find it fairly straight-forward and remember, there are demos and tutorials that show you how.

Other providers like Joomla do offer similar templates and free extensions but WordPress really is the top dog when it comes to offering the biggest range of features. Because developers know that it is the most used CMS, they know that there is a big opportunity to make money through developing features.

Before you start building any website, take stock of your requirements for now and in the future and base your choice around this.