is different

November 28, 2016

As you must have noticed, changed: it’s simpler, lighter and it stopped focusing on the Responsive test as it did on the past 7 years. This is a new chapter for this website.

Our intention is to make the new a source of information not only about Web Development but also other relevant information about working in Digital like Project Management or Social Media. We’re partnering with a few sources to have high quality articles on these areas.

About the responsive test, we still keep it but with a bonus: Your website is now analysed by Google PageSpeed Insights using Google API so the conclusions you see, are Google’s. The test inside an iframe is gone – many technologies don’t allow websites to open inside iframe’s so we preferred to stop it instead of finding a workaround.

The challenge of writing good content

We know that changing the faith of this page to be more content focused is hard – lot’s of other great websites do it and have much bigger fan bases, but we believe there are still things to be said in the Digital world and it’s on these new things we’re focusing on.

Give us your feedback on the changes, we would love to hear from you.