What is the Simplest Way to Clean a Mac and Boost its Performance?

March 13, 2019 ,

Cleaning a Mac can help in numerous ways, not the least of which in terms of boosting its performance by getting rid of all the junk that may be ‘clogging up’ its hard drive.

Unfortunately attempting to clean a Mac manually is a tedious and time consuming process, which is probably partly why you’re looking for an easier option.

The good news is that there really is no need to manually clean your Mac, at least not when there are numerous automated ways to do so. Out of these one of the easiest is definitely Movavi Mac Cleaner – and it will provide you with several other advantages along the way too.

Clean Your Mac with a Single Click

Honestly Movavi Mac Cleaner is so automated that it will immediately scan your Mac when it is launched and locate any junk files on your hard drive. Once it does a report will pop up – along with the option to remove all the junk that it found to clean a Mac.

That option is the only thing that you need to click – and the software will take care of the rest. If you want you could opt to manually select the types of junk files that you want to remove, but it is up to you whether or not you feel you want to go down that route.

Free Up Additional Space

On top of making it so easy to clean the junk from your Mac, Movavi Mac Cleaner will also let you free up even more space on top of that too. It comes with an inbuilt ‘Uninstaller’ tool that can help you to remove any apps that you aren’t using while ensuring no leftovers remain when you do. In fact this feature will even track down any leftovers from apps that were uninstalled previously, and give you the means to delete native OS X apps as well.

To sweeten the pot further, Movavi Mac Cleaner includes a ‘Shredder’ to help you remove confidential files in a secure fashion as well as its very own antivirus to protect you from online threats. Suffice to say between all of these features your Mac should have a lot more free space, perform a lot better and also be that much healthier in general in the long term due to the additional protection that you’ll have at your disposal.