Easy GIT Code Deploy

December 10, 2016

First of all, thanks for buying GIT Code Deploy.

Note: This script is available only for Linux Servers!

This theme was developed in order to provide beginners and advanced developers a easy and flexible way to deploy their GIT (Github or Bitbucket) repositories to Linux servers, ending the ‘Commit -> FTP upload’ pain.
After a successful Commit and Push, the Script will automatically deploy the code into your chosen folder and therefore you’ll be able to have a proper synchronized Development-> GIT Repository -> Live Server flow.

The process goes as follows:

  1. User commits the local code to Bitbucket or Github
  2. Bitbucket or Github sends the commit code to the script
  3. The script will deploy the code accordingly
  4. Uninstall your FTP Program 🙂

The installation is simple, but will follow this order:

  1. Upload script to desired folder
  2. Edit Script to match the Username and Password of your code repository
  3. Setup the POST Hook in Bitbucket or Github
  4. Commit / Push code to see it go live

The support is made exclusively on our Support Page that you can access here.