Step 1 – .ZIP contents and Uploading

December 10, 2016

So the first step is to check the provided .ZIP and upload the files

Inside the compressed file, you’ll have:

  • the script itself (just one file)
  • documentation
  • a tool to check the folder location – handy to setup the script

Uploading file

Please be advised that you need to work with absolute paths in order to make the script work properly.
We recommend you to upload the file to a separate folder like /deploy/, however it’s as you wish, as long as there are writing credentials given to the directory.

So for the regular working situation, we have this example, where the script deploy.php is uploaded to the /deploy/ folder in the root of the /public_html/ folder:


All good, let’s now just upload the folder.php file to the place where we want the code to be placed, so that we can check the correct path. In this case, we’ll want to deploy the code to the /public_html/ folder, so we upload it there:




Great, now just access the file to check the absolute folder path:

URL: www.yourdomain/folder.php

Result: /home/your_domain/public_html -> this is what we need