New Best Practices on CSS 3

February 25, 2017 , ,

Development cycles on Programming are really short and you need to be always improving if you want to stay on top of your game.

Because of this, today we bring you some directions on CSS3 best practices, so that you can be informed and produce good projects.

Here are the topics, you can check the whole article here:

  • Reset with Normalize.css
  • Get a Clear Fix on Clearing Floats
  • Dividers
  • Image Replacement
  • Use an Icon Element
  • Get on the CSS3 Train
  • CSS3 Compatibility
  • Tools for CSS3
  • Institute a Grid
  • Use Box-Sizing
  • Make the Grid and Images Fluid

By cleaning up the code on the macro level by giving it the proper structure, and then zooming down to organize your code on the micro level, you can do a lot to improve heinous CSS. Further replacing outdated solutions with more efficient best practices helps considerably as well.