Make JavaScript Development EASY with these 6 Valuable Tools

Around the globe, JavaScript is very famous among people. It is mainly defined as a very active script by a first class functions and is weakly typed. The styles of JavaScript include imperative and functional programming along with multi paradigm language and provide supports that are object oriented. It can also be used as a client side scripting. The implementation of JavaScript works as an element of the web browser. This offer improved user interfaces and dynamic websites.

Within the host environment, computational objects can be attained through the help of the programmatic access. Many unseen benefits of JavaScript include its utilization in applications for example PDF documents, site-specific browsers and desktop widgets. These are a newer and faster example of JavaScript.

The 6 best valuable tools that assist in development are given below, you can visit these valuable tools by clicking on the links. These tools are not only easy and simple for the JavaScript developers but also it is utilized for the JavaScript development and one will love to use these tools. You can also share your views in the command section given below on this page.

1) Heatmap.js: The use of visualization for visualizing three-dimensional data is known as a heatmap. Whereas the purpose of heatmap.js is to generate web heatmaps and this procedure, works under the html5 canvas element, which is based on your data and this heatmap.js, is known as a JavaScript library. This tool is fully customizable, simple and easy for picking up your favorite gradient color, making changes in the opacity and datapoint radius and many other changes can be made. It is preferred to use this tool for A/B testing, showing map data or utilizing it for other pops.

2) Jqapi: It is a great documentation by jQuery and a well-written complete doc along with so many demos and examples. The one thing that matters a lot is to find a way to search for a right documentation and this is what bugs me. During the search I try to find .is () function in which 100 matches were found till I reach the actual function. Whereas it has, a fixed layout in which you have to scroll all the way down even for a big screen and also scanning is required too. One must find a better way than this one.

3) Respond Min js: The purpose of this script is to offer a speedy and lightweight script i.e. 3kb minified/1kb gzipped to permit responsive web designs in browsers but it does not support CSS3 Media Queries specifically for Internet Explorer 8 and under. When the media queries are working, you can see a change in colors.

4) Yepnopejs: The super fast JavaScript tool is yepnope, which is an asynchronous conditional resource loader, and it permits you to load scripts only and is required by your users.

5) Fittextjs: FitText is a tool of JavaScript that has a capability of making font sizes flexible and on your fluid it can be used to plug-in or you can have a responsive layout for scalable headlines that will load the size of a parent element.

6) Ligature js: You can place the ligatures where it is suitable and it will pass through the text on a web page.