The importance of uptime in selecting a web hosting company

There are so many different factors that you should consider when you are looking at selecting a web host such as support, data storage, server speed, reliability and many more. Even some cheap web hosting providers can offer you surprising performance for the money.

One of the major points that you should do you research on is the uptime of any potential host, as selecting a provider that performs badly in this area could come back to bite you further along the line.

What is uptime?

To put it very simply, Uptime is the period of time (usually measured as a percentage) that a web host is operational. The term used to describe when it is unavailable is Downtime or sometimes referred to as Outage. There are many reasons why a web host may be out of operation, it could be for planned maintenance or there could be an issue with the server that has caused it to crash.

Obviously, if you are looking for a web host then you want to find one that is reliable and if there are any system failures, you can be confident that they will get fixed quickly. The last thing that you want when you manage a website is for it to be unavailable for long and/or frequent spells, particularly if you rely on your website to generate sales/work.

Perhaps more importantly, if your website is frequently experiencing downtime it will impact the ranking in search engines. If your potential customers can’t find your website then it is pretty much useless. If you are ranked well behind all of your main business competitors then this does not bode well for your business. This is why it is really important that you analyse the performance of a web host as well as all of the benefits and features that the providers advertise.

Page speed is also a key factor that search engines such as Google use to rank sites. You can find out more about Google algorithms and how they work here.

Best performing web hosts

We have rounded up some of the performance statistics of some of the top web hosts:


According to Host Benchmarker, DreamHost scores really high in terms of uptime, showing 99.97% as a running average. It is also worthwhile noting that the page speed is recorded at 3.09 seconds.


This web host has been growing in usage but it still ranks very high for uptime at 99.95%. Additionally, it records a page speed of 3.42 seconds, so ranks slightly behind DreamHost in both areas of performance.


One of the best web hosts for WordPress, Bluehost also boasts a very high uptime score of 99.93%. Its page speed is also up there with the best, at 3.08 seconds.


Head and shoulders above the rest for page speed with an impressive 3.00 seconds, this is the Usain Bolt of web hosts. The uptime score isn’t too bad either at 99.96%.

These are just a few of the top web hosts but this certainly gives you an idea of what types of performance statistics you should expect from a potential web host. Many of the providers will advertise a guaranteed uptime, so bear this in mind when you are making your selection.