Book cover designs – Useful tips and resources

This is a post a little bit out of the normal responsive sites type of subject you’re used to, but even so, not less important. Today we talk about Book cover designs.

Why talk about book cover designs? Because unlike what you might think, books aren’t dead. I mean, the sales are far less then before e-books era, but still not enough to call them dead. Mark Zuckerberg is even part of a challenge called A Year of Books, which only shows that despite the fact a lot of information is available online, there are still precious information written somewhere else.

With this in mind, this article is addressed to the ones that aim to publish a book or design a cover, reviewing some useful tips and tools.

Book Design Inspiration

Book Design Bloglink

Directly related with the subject, shows lot’s of cool ideas for your book covers. Contains also articles and all sorts of tagging for you to search.


 Designspiration – link

Another cool blog where you can find inspiration and examples for your designs.


Video Tutorials


Tutorials in video are probably the best way to learn something on the web, below some good ones:
How to design a Book cover in Photoshop

Design Book Covers Tutorial


Canva – link

Canva is a very cool little tool that allows you to create professional book covers.



There are plenty of other places where you can find Tempaltes (and inspiration) too.

Graphicriver – link